Olaudah Equiano: more than just an ‘interesting’ story



We, the students from The Ridings School & Henry Compton School, have begun a letter writing campaign to get an official Blue Plaque put up to mark the contribution of Olaudah Equiano to Britain’s cultural History. 


We think it is shocking that musicians have been recognised but that this remarkable man has not.  He:

  • Survived kidnap, the middle passage AND slavery

  • Bought his own freedom

  • Settled in and travelled all over Britain 

  • Married an English woman and had a family here

  • Campaigned across the world against the slave trade

  • Wrote a book that provides invaluable evidence of the horrors of slavery and that even today affects those that read it. 

We think he is the perfect example of what makes our country great. 


If you agree with us please write to English Heritage and ask that they act on our suggestion to put up a blue plaque in his honour. 

Their address is: Blue Plaques Team, English Heritage, 1 Waterhouse Square, 138 – 142 Holborn, London, EC1N 2ST

Thank you.


The students of The Ridings and Henry Compton schools


Mr Cumming

Mr Gallagher

Mr Lyndon


Leaving comments & using the forum:

Olaudah Equiano subtitled his own book ‘An interesting narrative’.  It is far more than simply interesting, and it can tell us about the past and our own lives


Both schools have studied this incredible 18th century man and our Blog gives us a chance to share what we think are the most significant points in his life.


A significant moment could be:

 > An event or turning point after which things were never the same again (these could be good or bad)

> The moment that Equiano should be most proud of

> A moment where Equiano managed to change something or affect events in his time/future times


  • Think about your studies and research into Equiano.  Chose what YOU think was the most significant moment/event. 

  • Write a paragraph describing the moment/event and another paragraph explaining why you think it was so significant. 

  • You can also make comments that explain why you agree/disagree with other students’ views. 

  • Remember to use standard English and show your appreciation of their ideas (Whilst I agree that.. However I would suggest that…).

The Forum is at the bottom of this page 🙂